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We are local. We love food.

We are inspired. We Canteen!

To bring the bustling Amsterdam city center to Amsterdam Zuidas.

With this promise We Canteen opened the doors of her all new food court in the heart of World Trade Center Amsterdam. Expect a large variety of sandwiches, salads, soups and smoothies. All fresh, balanced and prepared on the spot.


In the mood for something more exotic? Let yourself be surprised by two different local entrepreneurs that show off their skills. Surinam, Vietnamese, French with a twist, spicy Mexican?  


We Canteen Central

Live now! Order your lunch online, and choose between pickup or delivery.

Try it out yourself at wecanteencentral.nl

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We Canteen Food Court

Our food court is open between 11:30h and 14:00h.

Check our menu below to see what's served! 



Chances are you've seen us before...

With no less than 350 local entrepreneurs selected by We Canteen it's very likely that you have seen some of us before. Perhaps you have spotted and tried some of Joeri Tandoeri's tandoori chicken at a food truck festival. Or you live around the corner from the Foodhallen and frequent Bulls and Dogs for their amazing hotdogs. 


At the end of the day,

that's what sets us apart.

By selecting entrepreneurs that live their dream, we select specialty dishes that break away from the mainstream. 

Imagine a stock broker that restarted his career as a fish connoisseur. Not because he saw a business opportunity, but because he discovered he had a taste and an eye for the best fish there is?

Or what about an ICT professional that found his true passion while on holiday in India? He mastered the tandoor oven techniques, bought an old firetruck and is now a familiar face at festivals and events. 

This is what We Canteen is all about. 

Take our word for it: you will taste the love.